Explore the bests staycations from Dublin in Ireland as the city is known for its culture, food and drink, music, restaurants and sightseeing. Dublin is known for many things, including its vast coastline, rugged trails, and endless beaches.

Whether you live in the southeastern part of the sunny or explore the magnificent Atlantic desert route, or discover the beautiful landscapes and beautiful cities of the Ancient East of Ireland, there is much to find in Dublin.

Staycations from Dublin
Staycations from Dublin

This vibrant city has also been named twice the most beautiful city in Europe. It has a wide variety of attractions, activities, and events to keep even the most respectable, lively and exciting explorer. There are many beautiful accommodations in Dublin. See the best places for staycation below, for Dublin Airport hotels or Things to do for couples in Dublin please visit here.

Staycations from Dublin

The Cliffhouse Hotel, Waterford 

The Cliffhouse Hotel is the perfect option for ‘staycation from Dublin’ for relaxation and peace. This boutique-style hotel features not only an intimate spa and food that’s of the very best Irish cuisine; it overlooks the beach, making for a holiday of sheer serenity. Offering a pool and a beach gives you the option to swim no matter what the weather.

It also has spacious, air-conditioned style rooms, reflecting the ever-changing landscape of the ocean throughout the hotel and its cottages. This place will make you very comfortable, and you will feel like you have a holiday.

Dunmore, Co Waterford

Dunmore, Co Waterford is also a classic alternative for staycations from Dublin. You will not go hungry here as there are so many good places to eat and drink. In terms of activities, the opportunities are endless, with adventure centres offering kayaking, canoeing, climbing, caving, archery and more water-based activities.

Lorum Old Rectory

Everyone loves the reception of Bobbie Smith in the middle of a sculpted Victoria made of granite stone near the Altamont gardens, now pushing for a beautiful and modest living space. A great place for staycations from Dublin.

The guests are also especially adventurous for her simple hospitality and delicious home cooking using the most natural and home-grown ingredients. The local lamb rack is a special treat, cooked with honey, mustard and rosemary glaze, and Hidden Ireland style. Locals enjoy dinner at a long mahogany table, where a delicious breakfast is served. Beautiful and modest, there is a library and a beautiful drawing room where guests can meet around the fire and relax.

The rooms are nice and comfortable, with good toilets, big beds and stunning views. It also has an impressive guest room has a four-poster bed. It is an excellent base to explore this beautiful place at any time, especially in the spring when Altamont gardens are beautiful.

Lighthouse Family

For a perfect Dublin Staycation, head to the coast to the beach to find happiness on our small island. There are so many beachfront hunting areas. My favourite is spending a night in one of the eight ‘big’ places, the most prominent lights in the country from Fanad Lighthouse in Donegal, Galley Head in Cork, or Clare Island in the west. It is guaranteed to be a holiday that the whole family will remember, but if staying overnight is not yours, why not visit one of them? Now that will be the road trip you have to remember.

Seafield Hotel, Ballymoney, Gorey 

The Seafield Hotel, less than an hour’s drive from Dublin, overlooks the luxury resort away from the stresses of everyday life. It is located in the beautiful southeastern part of Ireland.

Nestled in the middle of 160 acres of Woodland Park, just a short walk from the sandy beaches of Ballymoney, where there is a beautiful view of Tara Hill. Living like a king/queen for the weekend should be on your bucket list.

Delphi Resort, Co Galway

It is situated in a rocky area and is remarkable in the Delphi Valley near Connemara, Linnaeus in Co Galway. Just ahead of the beaten track, reservations are the perfect place for a family vacation. With many comforts and everything you need in its living space, the viewing area offers families the opportunity to spend quality time in a beautiful environment and create lifelong memories.

Mount Wolseley

Within an hour’s drive from Dublin, Kilkenny and Waterford, Mount Wolseley Resort has a serene pool and beautiful gardens. There is plenty for everyone, including a leisure centre, spa, swimming pool, golf course, clean staircase, lovely children’s area, and Italian marble floors.

Viking Adventure

It looks like a fun and scary staycations that will last us a whole year and going back to the Viking season at Co Wexford sets that bar high. The Viking House on the Slaney River is the same place as the Vikings who lived thousands of years ago. It is located on the grounds of the Irish National Heritage Park. The visitors will live in walled houses, thatched roofs, and in the middle, and have the opportunity to wear real clothes while cooking a bonfire on the open fire. It is an unforgettable experience for children to bring back to their first school day.

Armagh City

Take a cultural tour of the Cathedral City of Armagh and enjoy the exploration by visiting Navan Castle, one of Ireland’s most famous ancient sites. Marvel at some of the shows and exhibitions at Navan Fort and learn more about world history.

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Dublin Staycations

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