Are you a plane spotting enthusiast and want to know more about the location near the Edinburgh location? This article about Plane Spotting Edinburgh Airport is for you.

Edinburgh airport is one of the busiest in Scotland. Its different facilities offer and make it a reliable option for people to catch their flights and make it the 6th most popular airport in the UK. One of the best aspects of the Edinburgh airport is that it offers many options and offers to the enthusiast. 

Plane spotting and different photographic locations that Edinburgh airport offer make it an exciting place for visitors to the UK.

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Plane Spotting Areas Near Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh is a great place for plane spotting enthusiasts with its variety of great locations. Using simple and practical instruments, you can easily watch, photograph, and record the movement of the planes. You can have different shots and aircraft movement recordings based on the locations. Some of Edinburgh’s best and most prominent spotting locations are listed below.

Central Area Edinburgh Airport

Airport central area is one of the most popular and exciting sites for plane spotting. You can enjoy quite a lot of things in the Central Area. You can easily view the parked aircraft, airliners on the ramp, and aircraft from the various places in the Central Area. 

Like other airport-related places, you must face the restrictions and cannot randomly stop on to pursue your plane spotting dreams. But right across the terminal, there is a public car parking where you can have your shots.

West Of the Edinburgh Airport Terminal

In the west of the terminal, there is a popular spot for plane spotting. Ingliston Market and the Showground area are among the most impressive sites for plane spotting. In this area, there’s a mound to photograph and record aircraft movement lining up to 06 quickly.

Although the access to the area is easy, it is recommended to check for any event held there because the site is Showground, and traffic can be hectic at that time.

Either use your vehicle to reach the spot or a bus from the City Centre to reach the destination.

East Side of the Edinburgh Airport

Depending on the aircraft’s landing, the airport’s East Side is one of the great places to go for landing photography. You can easily access that spot by going through the cargo area. Although it offers you the best spot for plane spotting, the actual chances to photograph pretty dwindle. 

However, if you are quick and the interesting aircraft is landed, you might get lucky and can have a quick shot through the fences. You can take the main road toward Edinburgh from the airport to reach your destination.

The Mound

The spot is at the “Ingliston Markets” car park on a mound at the end of RWY06. From the main road A8 to Edinburgh City just turn left into the car park. There is a mound where you can climb up and shot over the fence easily. From the Terminal walk to the Holiday Inn Express and continue this road to the parking.

Carpark – Ramps and taxiways

From the terminal building cross the road and take the elevator to the top level of the parking garage.

Many spotting locations near Edinburgh are free to use with minimal restrictions. If you are a professional Plane spotting personnel, you might get permission from the Edinburgh airport to reach the destination. We came across Spotter guide which has more location on Edinburgh airport plane spotting and also across the world.