Edinburgh Airport FastTrack Security

With Fast track security service at Edinburgh Airport you can speed up your security checkin or Passport Control at Edinburgh Airport, from just £6 per person.

This service is available to all passengers when you reach the arrivals hall you’ll get access to the exclusive fastTRACK lane, helping you avoid queues at Edinburgh Airport passport control.

It’s perfect if you don’t have any hold luggage, meaning you can glide right through the airport and get straight into your trip!

Edinburgh Airport Fast Track Security Service
Edinburgh Airport FastTrack Security

Edinburgh Airport FastTrack Security FAQ

What is the fastTRACK service?

Edinburgh Airport Fast Track service is a priority service lane available to all passangers flying in or out Edinburgh Airport.

What is the cost of FastTrack Security Service at Edinburgh Airport?

The price of Fast Track Security Service cost from just £6 per person at Edinburgh Airport.

What are the two type of Fast Track Services available at Edinburgh Airport?

1. A dedicated Fast track security check in lane before departure at Edinburgh Airport.
2. A dedicated Fast track passport control lane on arrival at Edinburgh Airport.

How can I book fastTRACK service at Edinburgh Airport?

You can book fastTRACK online on the official Edinburgh Airport Website or purchase it from certain shops in Edinburgh Airport. fastTRACK may also be included as part of another product you bought (such as a flight or car parking).

What are the rules to fastTRACK security at Edinburgh Airport?

1. FastTRACK bookings are not transferable to any other person.

2. Your booking is only valid for the date and time the booking was made. If you do not use the fastTRACK service, your booking will expire and will not be refundable.

3. For operational reasons EdinburghAirport cannot guarantee the availability of this service or the time, it will take, and this service does not in any way excuse you from the requirement to submit to full security screening by our normal security procedures.

4. As per Edinburgh Airport, If the fastTRACK service is not delivered to a reasonable standard and by the description of the service provided on our fastTRACK page, you will be entitled to a refund of some or all of the price depending on the circumstances.

5. It is your responsibility to ensure you have adequate time to clear our security search area before your flight. Please contact your airline or check your ticket for advice on how early to arrive at the Airport before your flight.

Is fast track security at Edinburgh Airport worth it?

Yes, If you want to pass through Edinburgh airport security check quickly then is definitely recommended. It’s also perfect for passengers who don’t have any hold luggage (checkin luggage) for arriving travellers.

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