Dublin International Airport (DUB)

Dublin Airport Terminal 2

Dublin International Airport

Dublin has one Airport serving International and Domestic European destinations in the capital city of Ireland. Dublin Airport Has two terminals, Dublin Airport Terminal 1 and Dublin Airport Terminal 2. It is operated by DAA. The airport is located just 7 km north of Dublin, in Collinstown, near Swords, Dublin.

Travelling from Dublin city to the Airport can take roughly about 25 min by car or bus, so if you are a leisure traveller and have a flight departing at noon time, stay in the city is no harm. If you are a business traveller or have an early morning flight to catch staying in and around the Dublin airport hotels is you best option. Dublin Airport is growing in terms of passenger carried and according to wikipedia data. in 2018, over 31.5 million passengers passed through the airport, making it the airport’s busiest year on record.

Dublin Airport Address and location:
Dublin International Airport. CQG2+H2, Swords, County Dublin, Ireland. 
Phone: +353 1814 1111 
Website: www.dublinairport.com

Aerial View of Dublin International Airport Ireland
Dublin International Airport

Dublin Airport Guide Map

Dublin Airport Guide Map 2
Dublin Airport Map

View the Full Dublin Airport Guide Map Here.

Terminals at Dublin Airport

There are 2 terminals at Dublin Airport, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

Dublin Airport Terminal 1

Terminal 1 is the main terminal with the majority of airlines such as Air France, British Airways, Flybe and Ryanair operating from here. Get more information on Flights from Dublin Airport Terminal 1 here.

Dublin_Airport_Terminal 1.
Terminal 1 at Dublin International Airport

Dublin Airport Terminal 2

Flights operating from Terminal 2 at Dublin Airport are typically long haul flights with airlines such as Aer Lingus, American Airlines, Etihad Airways, United Airlines or similar long haul flights.

Dublin Airport Terminal 2
Terminal 2 at Dublin International Airport

The Dublin Airport website has a easy online link for you to find flights on either Terminals Check it out here.

FAQ about Dublin International Airport

Is there a Car parking at Dublin Airport?

Dublin International Airport offers Car parking for the day, for certain hours during the day and also for Park and Fly customers at Dublin Airport. Park and Fly Dublin Airport options are available for Short term and Long terms parking at Dublin Airport. Find more details about the Dublin Airport Car Parking on the Official Dublin Airport Website

How far is Dublin Airport from Dublin City Centre?

Dublin International Airport is approximately 7.5 miles or 10 to 12 kilometres from of Dublin city centre. However its best to calculate the distance from Dublin airport to Dublin city centre by time rather than Kilometers or Miles.

How long would it take a Cab or Taxi to reach Dublin City from Dublin Airport?

By Cab/taxi it might take you about 20 to 25 mins to reach Dublin city centre from Dublin Airport

How long would it take a Bus to reach Dublin City from Dublin Airport?

Public Transport Bus a good quick ride my be 30 mins while a busy day could take about 45 mins.
Air Coaches take roughly 25 – 30 mins (Express Busses from the Dublin Airport)

How long would it take a hire car/ rental car to reach Dublin City from Dublin Airport?

Driving by Hire car (depends), may be a bit more if you are new to Dublin or round about 30 mins like the taxi.

What are the transport options from Dublin Airport to Dublin City Centre?

There are a lot of Transport options from Dublin Airport to Dublin City Centre with access to a large number of public transport buses, private coaches and taxis.

Would you get a Taxi to and from Dublin Airport?

Taxi stands are available just outside both the Dublin Airport Terminals, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.
There are various other Airport Taxi service providers in Dublin, Ireland and you can book one online if you wish to.

Do you have Public Transport – Bus from Dublin Airport to Dublin city?

Dublin Bus offers many routes throughout Dublin, including the 16 to Ballinteer, the 41 to Lower Abbey Street and the 102 to Sutton Station. Check Dublin Bus Airport Routes here.
The Dublin Bus routes are also operated by Go-Ahead Ireland which offers the 102 route to Sutton Station which serves Swords, Malahide, Portmarnock and Sutton. Check Go-Ahead Bus Airport Route here

Does Air Coach run to and from Dublin Airport to Dublin city?

Air Coach.
Air Coaches run daily coaches across Dublin to and from Dublin Airport almost 24 Hours in a day. Air Coaches also offer transfers from Dublin Airport to Cork and other cities in Ireland.

Does Airlink Express run to and from Dublin Airport to Dublin city?

Airlink Express
Airlink Express connects Dublin Airport with a lot of locations with in Dublin City Centre mainly the Heuston and Connolly rail stations.

Is there a Fast Track checkin system as Dublin airport?

Dublin Airport offers Fast track checkin system at Dublin International airport. Get through the Security check-in within 10 minutes with Dublin Airport Fast Track service.
Fast track service is available at both Terminals at Dublin Airport. For more information about Dublin Airport Fast Track service and prices please check the latest information in the official website.

Are there any Hotels that Offer Stay Park Fly packages at Dublin Airport?

Yes hotels near Dublin Airport do offer Stay park and fly packages at Dublin Airport, please see here.

Does Dublin Airport Have WiFi?

Yes. Dublin Airport offers free wifi to passengers travelling via Dublin International Airport.

Can I Sleep in Dublin Airport?

There are No Dedicated Sleeping areas at Dublin Airport. Some passengers use the lounge areas or sitting spaces to take a nap.

How Early Should I get to Dublin Airport? 

It depends on whether you have a domestic flight or international flight scheduled.
Domestic flight its advisable to arrive 60 mins prior and international its advised 3 hours prior.
Note: the above are general airline rules and we suggest Domestic passengers to reach 2 hours prior to your flight and more then 3 hours prior to your international flight. This is because Dublin Airport is an International Airport with huge amount of flight and the security check-in queues tend to be very long.

How early to get to Dublin airport for international flight?

We suggest to get to Dublin Airport more than 3 hours prior to your International flight.

How early to get to Dublin airport for domestic flight?

We suggest to get to Dublin Airport more than 2 hours prior to your domestic flight.

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