Dublin Airport Smoking Area at Terminal 2

Dublin Airport has a smoking a dedicated smoking area past the check in and a lot people don’t know about this. Also the confusion is weather both terminals at Dublin airport have smoking areas or just one terminal. So in the short post we will give you the quick answer to this.

Dublin Airport Smoking Area FAQs

Does Dublin Airport have smoking areas past the security check?

Yes, Dublin Airport has a dedicated smoking area past the security check at Terminal 1 or T1.

Does both Dublin Airport Terminals have smoking areas?

No, there is a dedicated smoking area only at Terminal 1. There us no smoking area past the security at T2 or Terminal 2.

Where is the Smoking area at T1 or Terminal 1 at Dublin Airport?

Smoking area T1 Dublin Airport

There is a dedicated smoking are in Terminal 1’s Garden Terrace Bar.
It’s on the way to Gates 101-121/201-220.
Smoking Area Airside, After Security- Terminal 1

Are there smoking areas outside at Dublin Airport?

Other smoking areas are outside of the Dublin Airport Terminal buildings, just outside T1 arrivals and T2 departures.

Can you walk from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1 smoking area?

Smoking area T2 Dublin Airport

There is no smoking area past security in Terminal 2. There is an outdoor smoking area airside in Terminal 1 which is about a 15 min walk from the Terminal 2 airside area.

Dublin Airport Terminal 2 (T2) Smoking Area

There is no smoking area at the Terminal 2 (T2) at Dublin airport after the security checking. However if you really have to smoke then you need to walk over to the Terminal 1 (T1) which is about 15 mins walk.